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Children in poverty in the US
What’s it like being a child today?
Raising Optimistic Kids in a Cynical World
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Children in poverty in the US

The shocking reality is that child poverty in the US is alive and well. In fact, a shockingly high number of children will be born into poverty. In 2017 there were over 3.8m babies were born, fully 1/7th of them will be born into poverty. To put it in perspective, Oxfam report that in the […]

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Little Kids and Old Folks

 Parenting is a tough job, and since the dawn of time, parents have reared their children with an eye on the future. Every generation looks to both their history and the blank slate of tomorrow to teach their offspring about the world they inhabit, and the cycle continues on unabated. Blending Age Old Traditions with […]

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Investing in our Future Society Through Child Development

Concepts and beliefs that we adhere to today lay the groundwork for the societies of tomorrow. Modern families face challenges unique to our era and often parents are overwhelmed by contradictory advice and information that is readily available, especially in the vast warehouse of knowledge that is the internet, today.  Children, like photographs, develop […]

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